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Vox Aurae is a non-profit-market, apolitical, aknowledged musical association.

Born in Arese on 2002 as result of the desire of a group of young people to promote musical culture among their peers and not.

As of now it is a polyphonic choir four mixed voices which has already achieved several concerts.

In September 2006 has been the wind & percussion ensemble of the Association, composed, as the choir, from people not professionals, but lovers of music, involving the largest number of popular musicians in the area.

With amateur word, we certainly do not want to define the quality, but the fact that the orchestra will be made up of musicians who do not make music their source of income. These are supported by professional musicians who offer so their experience of orchestral practice.

The initiatives, both for its size, chorus and wind ensemble, has the objective of promoting choral music and 'original for winds' so more over the territory:

  • playing where the concert orchestras and choirs institutions usually do not perform
  • involve people who, though qualified in the conservatories, cultivated music as a hobby
  • organizing events, master, master classes and seminars to increase the knowledge of members of
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