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Abstract of the Association's statute:

'The Executive Council is made of 5 delegates choosen by the members and and appoint the President, the Vice President (also due to perform the duties of Secretary), the treasurer and any other tasks.
The board of directors remain in office 2 years and its components may be re-elected. The resolutions are adopted by majority vote.

The Executive Council is responsible for managing members (admissions, annual membership fees, disciplinary action), to plan the activities of the Association, to draft the budget and reporting accounts to be submitted to the shareholders and the drafting of the regulation.'

The components of the Executive Council in charge for the period 2009/2010 are listed below with the covered assignments:

 President:   Luigi Sozzi

 Vice President and Secretary:   Alessandra Calzarossa

 Treasurer:   Silvano Rapetti

 Adviser:   Stefano Avezz¨

 Adviser:   Guido Ognibene

To contact the Executive Council or its members, see the Contacts section or send an email at:  consiglio_direttivo@voxaurae.org

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