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The Artistic Commitee is the technical advisory on hand to the Executive Council and members assembly .
It is called to an important role in drafting, proposing and evaluating programs and artistic training and planning of the music season.
The Artistic Commitee  is chaired by the President of the Association and is composed of the conductors of the two entities (polyphonic chorus and wind ensemble), one of which is elected as he Artistic Director of the Association. Moreover a delegate for each entity can be elected for the commitee.

The components of the Artistic Commitee in charge for the period 2009/2010 are listed below with the covered assignments:

 President:   Luigi Sozzi

 Artistic Director:   Roberto Ramaioli

 Chorus Conductor:   Mattia Rispoli

 Wind Ensemble Conductor:   Luca Pasqua

 Chorus Delegate:   Paola Clamer

 Wind Ensemble Delegate:   Stefano Avezz¨

To contact the Artistic Committee or its members, see Contacts section or send an email at:  commissione_artistica@voxaurae.org

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