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association  |  our name and logo

The Vox Aurae name is composed of two latin words vox (that means 'voice') and aura (that means 'wind').
Therefore, contrary to what one can guess the correct translation of our name is: voice of the wind.

The reason of this choice is easily understood.

Our association is made up of two entities, the chorus (vocals) and the wind ensemble (wind), which joined generates the association itself.
Moreover our name recalls a famous motet by Vivaldi.

The Vox Aurae Association's logo originates from two factors:
  - the first letter of the name (V e A) stylized and rotated
  - the celtic alphabet's runa Jera

We have chosen it as the completion of our being sensitive, in fact the runa jera represent also the stability.

Sensitivity as the ability to perceive, to be moved, move, always tip to find new stimuli through listening to external stresses.
Stability as a firm, ability to hold to withstand pressure, to consolidate, to remain firmly on the line taken.

The runa Jera represent the year and may take the following meanings:

  • good harvest
  • revival
  • sowing time for abundant fruit in a year
  • expectation of prosperity and success earned
  • the cycle of life, of the cyclical pattern
  • change in the time it takes

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