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association  |  the statute

Here you can read extracts of the Statute of the inherent purposes and to our members.

ART. 2
The Association Vox Aurae is apolitical and has not for profit.
It pursues the following aims:

  • promotion and dissemination of musical culture
  • development of musical associations and voluntary musical
  • organizing initiatives socio-cultural and musical
  • encouragement for cultural groups in Italy and abroad
  • educational activities open to all and particularly to young people
  • care and templates for distribution of magazines, newsletters, news and what is of a voluntary, educational and musical culture
  • collaboration with organizations, cultural associations and sports and join the national association that has the same social objectives

ART. 3
Members are those who sign the form for membership of the Association.
Members unreservedly accept the rules and regulations and make their own purposes.

ART. 5
Status as a member entitled to attend the premises and social facilities, and to participate in social activities according to rules laid down in regulation.
Members have a duty to always uphold the good name of the Association and to observe the rules dictated by the institutions and associations to which the group adheres.

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